Easter Treats Coming Up!

cakejournal-easter-treats-ebook-coverSo I am finally done, pheeew… It has been tough but I am really proud of the result 🙂 The e-book just needs the last touch from my graphical designer and then it is ready to be released. Hopefully that will be somewhere between monday and wednesday next week, so keep an eye out 🙂 I have attached the cover just to give you an idea of how its going to look. Hope you like it!

Happy Caking



  1. Maggie says

    I truely enjoy seeing your creations. Looking forward to your new book, but I am not sure how it is sold. Is the book available as a soft covered book or is it only availabe as a email book where you have to be on the internet to view it? Hope it is a REAL book that I can hold in my hands and read wherever I am. Thanks~

  2. Jackie C says

    Love your ideas but was wondering if you would ever have this published as a hard copy and not just an ebook. I’d like to purchase it as a gift to my mother that does not have a computer. I like books myself. Thank you.

  3. says

    I love your work!! I´m very fanatic!!
    How can I get my copy???
    I´m new in this work but I´m so excited to learn to make pretty nd nice cookies like yours.
    Grettings from Mexico city!!!

  4. Kathy says

    I love getting your newsletters, thanks for working so had so we all can enjoy. The book looks fab!!!

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