Flawless Fondant DVD review


It was with excitement that I received the three dvd’s (Perfecting the art of buttercream, Successful Stacking and Flawless Fondant) from the talented cake designer Sharon Zambito. I decided to start off with the Flawless Fondant DVD as I decorate most of my cakes with fondant.

Sharon shows how to prepare the cake so that it will not only make the covering easy but also make the cake look beautiful when it is finished.

You will see what kind of equipment she is using for the job. I really love the blue silicone mat so I just had to buy one;-) Then you will be guided through different ways on how to roll out your fondant, cover the cake and how to smoothe the cake. She shows that on both round and square cakes but also on difficult shapes like petal and hexagon. You will also see how you can decorate with impression mats, crimpers and pearls to make it look even better.

The part I love is where she shows how to get rid of air bubbles, white dust on the fondant and how to cover up small marks on the cake. The Flawless fondant dvd have also a bonus dvd with a small taste sample from Perfecting the art of buttercream. I think it is a “must” have if you are new into cake decorating because of the great step by step guides and it will help you to not give up if you have problems with your fondant. I also think that those with more experience including myself can learn from it aswell.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    HI Louise.. I just want to say – You are such a talent!! I found your blog few days ago and I love it. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Do you have a favoritt place for some nice cake here in Copenhagen?

  2. Louise says

    Daya: Lucky lucky you. I soo want a pink KA.

    Shannon: 😀 They are really good all three. You will hear yourself say: ahhh and ok to many of the things Sharon shows.

    jenni: What Sharons teach/show is how to get your buttercream & fondant covered cakes smoothe and how you stack cake tiers. So if you want to learn how to make sugar roses, modelling ect. then you will have to look for classes.
    have you tried to look on ICES? http://www.ices.org/index.htm maybe you can find help to look for other classes than the Wilton courses?

    Dana: Well nice to now that I should not use the blue mat when using my fondant cutters.

  3. says

    Great review for Sharon!!! I have the buttercream DVD and love it and I’m excited to order the fondant one.

    I’m a big fan of the blue mat too – just bought my second one because I cut my orignal by mistake while make some fondant cutouts.

  4. jenni says

    Hi Louise, I checked out Sharon’s website, and her work looks AMAZING! I have no doubt that her DVDs are great, but in your opinion, could they take the place of attending a cake decorating class? I have been wanting to do that for some time, but all I am finding are the wilton classes (how to make a basket weave decorated cake, and roses…blah!) Do you think I can learn enough from her DVDs to skip having to take a formal class? Thank you for your time and devotion to us novices! 🙂

  5. Daya says

    I received them mine too! I am rand new at decorating and al her DVDs are wonderful and very detailed instructions..I recommend everyone to try them! I have yet to try her buttercream recipe it looks sooo smooth! I just bought the pink kitchenaid mixer and i cant wait to get “caking” :}

  6. Louise says

    So nice to see that many already have the dvd’s from Sharon. I think with the blue mat & the bench scraber on its way to me I only need to make my own large turn table…. As I said buttercream covered cakes are not commen here in Denmark and I have heard of the paper towel method but I never thought of using it under fondant covered cakes. Ohh cant wait to try.

    Fabbys: If you click on the “Flawless fondant DVD” in the post it should take you straight to Sharons site.

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing the DVDs! I think that actually being able to watch how its done will help alot! I am putting these DVDs on my wishlist for my husband! Although my wishlist is very long these will go to the top!hehe!thanks again Louise!!Hugs!!

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