Ballet cookies

Having a daughter who loves ballet, I just had to make these pretty ballet cookies for her. They are made with my own (paper) templates, so no cookie cutters used. I used a little Brush embroidery on the Tutu, to get the “look” like layers of tulle. I think that it worked out very good. Both cookies are decorated with royal icing.

The pretty little pink ballet shoe or point shoe if you like? Would also be charming to use as edible place cards for a pretty pink ballet party. The shiny pink satin ribbon just finish off the shoe.

I made three of each kind and I used the rest of the ballet cookies, as a little gift for my daughters ballet teacher and her assistant at the end of season dance yesterday.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Louise, you made the “Top Five Hits,” at Singing With Birds this week. Come check us out and grab a button, and thanks for sharing your adorable cookies with us!

  2. says

    Nadine from USA: You can use ganache under fondant if you dont like buttercream and you can pipe with it. Only it will not give you the same workability like RI.
    I would not use ganache on cookies though.

    gloria p: They could most certainly.

    Jen: I use the non stick kind for rolling out cookie dough and small fondant, then I have a large wooden rolling pin for my fondant cover for the cakes. You can get the rolling pins at most cake decorating supply shops and cookie cutter sites.

    Mariel: I often draw my templates when I cant find a ready made cutter that I like. I use some thick strong paper for the templates. I am however planning on getting my templates made into real cookie cutters from a US shop.

  3. Mariel says

    Adorable!!! and perfect shapes. How do you do your own paper templates??? I often need shapes not commercially available. My little performer just acted on a pirate play and made fondant pirate cookies for the whole cast and one big pirate ship for the director!!! I am also a self taught baker and I am glad I found your site. Thanks for sharing all your tips and creative spirit.

  4. Jen says

    Louise, what kind of rolling pin do you use and do you know where I can get one in the US? I LOVE your site! Thanks for the great tutorials!

  5. says

    Yay! I’m so happy I happened to see the post for your adorable ballet cookies! They are simply wonderful and so, so sweet! I think the ribbon accent adds just the perfect touch to your perfect cookies!

  6. Joana says

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to try to decorate biscuits. I’ve been following you for a while and you have an amazing page.


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