1. Louise says

    Andrea: I used the Quilting embooser from Patchwork Cutters. Roll out the fondant, emboss it and cut out the hearts. The hearts are sugarpaste with a little tylo added. They did not get soft from sitting in the frosting. I had one leftover and they next day it still looked fine.

  2. Andrea Kopp says

    One more question…
    The sugarpaste (?) hearts can be in contact with the frosting without melting ?
    Or you just put them right before serving ?
    thanks again

  3. Louise says

    Dorothy: I have used the chocolate frosting posted earlier on the site. It is really yummy.

    cakebrain: thank you

  4. Dorothy says

    Hello, I would like to find out what icing you use because it looks so perfect and stiff. I enjoy reading your journal and always look forward to new ideas.

  5. Louise says

    Bea: Thank you.

    apparentlyjessy: Thank you, they were yummy 🙂

    Snooky doodle, sugar dimples & Shara: Thank you all.

    Kookie: It from Patchwork Cutters/ quilting embosser. You can get it from Global Sugar Art and of course from most UK online shops.

    Robin: Brownies are hot. Wilton have made a whole new Brownie line of pans, and decoration.

    Marie: Thank and yes I had a lovely day.

    lyzzie: Thank you.

    ginny: Dont be shy 🙂 it is so nice to have you here.

    Kate: Thank you. I agree the cake plate is so sweet. Maybe that why I just could not go by without buying it (here in Denmark). I have it in two sizes and this is the smallest one.

    Jenn: please do try and make them. There are really fun

    Fera: Thank you

    Maria DiMauro: I love the Joy of Baking site and I have made many of the lovely cakes ect they have on their site. Thank you for the comment.

    April & K: Thank you both

    Niki: Yep that is the best part eating all the cake scraps 😀

    Nila Rosa: Thank you 🙂

    Jackie: I use tips that is called “Thermo Hauser” and this is the tip 9

    Jodi: Warm welcome and my weekend was fabulous.

    Sharon: Thank you

    becky: Aww thank you my sweet friend.

  6. becky says

    Mmmm…brownies with frosting AND fondant hearts…..mmmmm….Happy Valentine’s Day, Louise! YOU are even sweeter than your treats.

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