Cake bites

Cake bites

I had some cake scraps from the wedding cake so I decided to make some pretty cake bites to indulge with my afternoon tea. Cake bites is made out of cake scraps (I used chocolate cake) and is mixed with either buttercream, cream cheese frosting or chocolate ganache until it looks likes a sticky “dough” that you can mould. You can add flavours like sugar syrup or liqueur if you like.

Roll the “dough” into small bite sizes and chill them in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Then decorate them as you desire with melted chocolate, poured fondant or sprinkles. If you are planning to roll the cake bites in sugar sprinkles, then do it the moment that you have rolled the cake bites while they are still soft and sticky. Otherwise it can be hard for the sugar sprinkles to attach the cake bite.

I decorated some of my cake bites with “home-colored” pink sprinkles and covered the rest with poured fondant and decorated them with green vines and some small pink gum paste sugar flowers. Placed in paper cups these small cake bites would be a perfect treat for a tea party.

Happy Caking!



  1. tina says

    Hi Louise! I’m from Philippines & a great fan of yours. I love every idea, tips & everything that you shared. I’m new in baking (I only baked cakes for my relatives & friends)but by applying every thing that I’ve learned from you including recipes…gosh!..they think I’m expert! I made a cupcake tower for my 7yr.old daughter & they loved it. Thanks for your generosity. God Bless!

  2. Louise says

    Phyllish: Yes I pour it over the cake balls. I would love to try the candy melts thing but I dont know what I did wrong when I tried because I could not get it any liquid and that was with Wiltons.

  3. Phyllis says

    Just beautiful! I usually use candy melts but I want to try the poured fondant – do you dip it the same or pour it over the cake balls? I’ve never used the poured fondant before.
    Thanks you.

  4. Louise says

    ann: well normally I take the scraps from a cake, blend them with some chocolate ganache or buttercream and roll them into bite sizes, chill and decorate.

  5. ann says

    Re: cake Bites I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, you bake the cake first, then just grab the pieces and roll them up after wards, chill, decorate an dthen you’re finished? Is that right?

  6. Louise says

    Hi Janet,

    My only idea is either to add some lemon flavour/lemon zest or use “real” chocolate instead of candy melts. I have not tried candy melts so I dont know how they taste.

  7. Janet says

    Hello Louise! Love your cake bites…way too cute. I tried making some last night…and covered them in melted chocolate (wilton chocolate melts) and found that they were VERY sweet. I used a red velvet cake mix and mixed it with a tub of cream cheese frosting… it was good…but very sweet.. any idea of what I can do to bring the sweetness down a bit? Thanks!

  8. be says

    Wanting to do small sunflower heads on cupcakes, any information on that? Pictures, what molds I would need & recipe for making them.
    Thank you. Your work is amazing 🙂

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