Cake tins follow up

To follow up on the previous post about cake tins or cake pans as some also like to call them 😉 Many of you have asked me where I got my cake tins from. The cake tins I use is a UK brand called Invicta bakeware and they make fantastic heavy duty cake tins that is 3″ deep. You can get them from most UK cake decorating online stores.

But you can get other brands of cake tins that is 3″ deep. Wilton have only round cake tins that is 3″ deep where Fat Daddio’s have different 3″ deep cake tins in many shapes like: Heart, hexagon, petal and square to just name a few of them.

You can get the cake tins from here:
Global Sugar Art

Well I am off to bake some cakes :-)

Happy Caking!


Louise is the founder and editor of CakeJournal. She's a passionate, self taught, cake artist who has been doing cake decorating since 2002.
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