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Girly cupcakes

What a busy busy week. First my daughters birthday party for the girls in her class. We had baked cupcakes, made pretty icing, gum paste flowers and sprinkles to decorate with. They had a ball decorating the cupcakes and I think they all did a fantastic job.

Ice cream cake

Today I am going to the Scandinavian Cake Show in Sweden and here are my two dummys for the “table of honour”. I am not statisfied with the icecream cake as it was supposed to be something completely different. I think I changed the design three times before it ended up like this, still not happy with it (I know that I should be). So because of that, I made a quick replica of the birthday cake for my daughter simply because I ran out of time and it was getting very very late. So here they are:

Hydrangea cake 1

Satisfied or not, Im sure that I will have a great weekend full of cake and good friends. Next week I will post the third and last part of my Cupcake Decorating and then I am looking forward to introduce you all to my new co-writer Michelle 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. Amy says

    Hello Louise,

    Your website is really awesome, what you do is truely fabulous. Thanks for all the tips, you’re the best.

  2. Ana says

    Louise, I got to know your website only last week (shame on me!)but I´m totally ADDICTED to it, it´s soooooooo inspiring, congratulatios, you´re a fatanstic artist!!! Please, keep sharing your ideas with us!!! By the way, what cutter did you use to make the flowers for your daughters´ party cupcakes?!?!


  3. Kathy Elrod says

    Tell me more about the cupcake cake! It is just wonderful…I’d love to make it…I love all things cupcake!

  4. Louise says

    I know you are all right that I should be satisfied with the icie cream cake, but I did struggle withit as my first plan was to make a huge piped swirl, that was not easy to do so I had to scrape all the piped icing off. then I had to re do the top with new fondant the flower arrangement was just not right at my second try to make this cake and with the hours running I just got more and more mad at that cake. Please dont get me wrong but I just hate it when it comes to that stage, where your first plan crash and its hard to get back on track again.

    Emma: I use quite soft royal icing and PME leaf tips.

    becky: we had the girls over and they frosted and decorated them here. Im quite sure they were all very sugar loaded when the party was over but they had so much fun.

    The “cake” base is carved out of styrofoam (very messy) and the top is rice krispie treat.

    Morgan Garrison: I will look at a update on my flower cutters.

    Annette: next year its in September second week I think.

    Sharlene: lol well im not sure there will be a cupcake book 😉

    Karolina: Thank you. I were asked to bring last years cake but that no longer excist so I had to make something new.

  5. Nur Heitz says

    This is truly fantasi, as is all your work! good luck at the show.. I so enjoy your website,
    many thanks for all the usefull tips and information!

    Kind regards

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