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It seems like everyone is following the twitter bird. I thought why not me? So please come and follow CakeJournal on Twitter :-)

To finish off this short post, how do you like the Easter cookies on the photo? I am stricking the best I can to get this little ebook finished. So it may not be a long one, but there will be some sweet ideas on how you get the best out of your favourite cakes and cookie recipes along with a few inspirational tips.

Happy Caking


Louise is the founder and editor of CakeJournal. She's a passionate, self taught, cake artist who has been doing cake decorating since 2002.
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  1. Donna @ WayMoreHomemade says

    Hi. Just found your blog because I found you on twitter. Going to “follow” you there and I look forward to reading your blog as well.

  2. mamazieza says

    hi louise.. i’m getting the ‘twitters’ waiting for ur e-book.. hehehe.. pls.. pls don’t forget me when it is ready.. hehehe

  3. Louise says

    Jackie, in awe of your work , Patrincia, Bea, Ladybug Luggage, ana, Rita, Vivian, isabel, kim, Dora, Diane, Vera: Thank oyu all so much. Your support means alot to me :-)

    Debbie: Im Louise in CC :-) THX

    Robin: Have you looked through my tutorials?? I have some good post about cookies, royal icing filled with great tips.

    Paula: Hehe… brilliant! I could take one myself :-)

    Silvia: There are lots of help on how to use Twitter. I am only a newbird ;-) myself overthere.

    Anika, Amanda & Mari CCS: Thank you for the support

    Lene: Mange tak!

    Carie, Leslie, lyzzie, Rachel & MyDiwa: Thank you :-)

  4. lyzzie says

    Dear, Louise:

    These are a beatiful I liked your work .Congratulations.

    Salutes from Monclova,Coahuila Mexico.

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