Cath Kidston inspired cake

cath kidston cake

Today was the day for the danish cake exhibition and time to show my Cath Kidston inspired cake. When looking for inspiration to the cake I went by the gorgeous fabrics that Cath Kidston designs. I used: Roses, dots and strawberries for my cake.

The pink roses, some of my best, is made with single rose petals glued on one by one simply because I did not have a quick rose cutter that was big enough (I do now because I have just ordered one ;-))


The dots was the easy part on the cake 😉 and at the bottom of the cake I decorated with strawberries made out of modelling paste. I used the strawberry cutter set from JEM for the leaves. The small white flowers are just simple 5 petal with pink non-parelis.


But I was not the only one who came with a Cath Kidston themed cake. My cake friend Pia Marianne and I agreed on making cakes using CK as inspiration and this is what she came up with.


A true masterpiece and she so well deserved won the 1st. prize. Congratulation again my friend I just love your cake to bits 🙂 So as you can see two very different cakes inspired by the same source 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. Eve says

    You are so talented!
    I have a question though, is modelling paste edible? Is it something I can get at a cake supply store, or is it what my (almost) 6 year old twins play with and call clay??? I need to make cakes for their birthday and will be sculpting pieces, and fondant can be tricky. THANKS!

  2. Becky says

    What a great idea: using fabric as an inspiration! Your cake is GORGEOUS in it’s simplicity…although making those roses is hardly simple. You should have won first place!

  3. Louise says

    Ok, I am trying to work something out for the rose tutorial. Unfortunately is the video I mentioned earlier too big. So I cant upload it here or on youtube I have tried 🙁 So I hope that I can make it into a step by step version instead. So it might take a little bit longer than the end of the week. Also my little girl is sick with fever and a sore throat so she needs mommy’s TLC 🙂

    But I am working on it…….


    Louise xx

  4. says

    Your flowers are amazing and I really love the falling petals. They look great. Did your friend make the teddy bear topper? It looks very real!

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