Christening cake

Christening cake

I made this christening cake for my husbands cousins sweet baby girl Mathilde. A three tier cake in bright colors with flowers, toadstools, butterflies, ladybirds, caterpillars and small snails. I have made all the decorations out of gum paste.

The baby cake topper is partly made of marzipan and gum paste. It have been a secret about the cake design. So when the parents saw the cake they were overwhelmed. I was so happy that they liked it. I am also a bit tired now as there have been a lot of work with this cake.

Happy Caking!



  1. Lisa says

    What a cute cake! I wish I could do the type of modelling required for the baby. And how wonderful to have chanced on this website. I made a similar cake for my great-niece’s christening, with a working waterfall, (I love OTT) and it was a hit as well. I’ll see if I can post a photo.

  2. cupcaketastic says

    Thanks Louise, I took a punt and guessed at 12′, 10″ & 8″, but I am serving 100, but only coffee serves. I’ll let you know when I have completed it and the photos are up. She loved your cake but the colours weren’t right for her.

  3. Louise says

    Hi there,

    I am sorry moonlight & cupcaketastic for my late reply.

    Firstly I have not yet made a tutorial for the cake topper. But maybe I will?. I have so many ideas in my head that I want to do and show but it all takes time:)

    Cupcaketastic I have used from the bottom and up 12″-10″ & 8″ i had three layers and two fillings. It was meant to feed 85 people. It sound interesting with the christening cake. I cant wait to see it.


  4. cupcaketastic says

    This cake is amazing, and I love your proportions. I have a lovely lady who’s youngest daughter is being christened next month, she requires a baby in gown topper and a ivory and pink tiered cake with the proportions similar to this one. Would you mind tell me/us what size tins you used and how many people were you aiming to feed?

  5. Moonlight says

    oh my goodness, your cake topper is adorable…have you done a tutorial on how to do one? i was going through your archives and i didn’t see one (unless i am looking in the wrong place) you do such amazing work! please point me in the right direction…thanks!

  6. Triy says

    Hi Louise,

    I absolutely love your site! Thank you for sharing so many tips and tutorials. I’ve added your site to my blog, hope you don’t mind. Keep up the good work!

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