Christmas cake goodies

Living magazine

What is better than to be spoilt with nice and beautiful Christmas cake goodies? :-) When my brother and his girlfriend went to San Francisco I could not let them go without looking for some fun things. I especially asked them to buy Martha Stewart Living magazine for me and I think that I have read it for the 5th time by now, its really good. I also got this beautiful snowflake copper cookie cutter and some fun Christmas & Halloween sprinkles. Sweet Christmas tree ornaments made to look like small Petit Fours and a cupcake. I love all of it and think that I will bake them a little something for the nice gifts they gave me. :-)

Cake ornaments

Cupcake ornament

Yesterday when I was out doing my Christmas shopping I found another mug for my collection. This time it even have a matching coaster :-) and just because I thought it would be fun to have in my bag, I bought this small cupcake compact mirror. So this will be my early Christmas present 😉

Cupcake mug and coaster

Remember to look out for the last Christmas special tutorial that will be posted very soon.

Happy Caking!



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