Color flow fondant plaque

I have made this Color flow fondant plaque over the last two days. It is going to be put on a cake for my daughters birthday. I knew that it had to be a motif from Littlest pet shop because she is crazy with those things. I have more photos of the procedure in the cake gallery, look under “Cake projects”.

Happy Caking


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  1. Lilybird says

    This is just darling. Am I right in assuming that the plaque is a circle of fondant? If so about how thick is it and did you add a drying agent to the fondant before you started?

  2. Nikki Gilbert says

    Wow that is amazing! I’m sure your little one will absolutely love it! I love all of your work!

  3. Amy from NY~USA says

    That is absolutely adorable!!! My nieces LOVE Littlest Pet Shop critters! Your daughter will Love it! I hope she has a wonderful birthday! Is it just made from thinned Royal Icing? Beautiful!

  4. says

    P.S. I don’t see where I can e-mail you. Do you have any tips for me to rubber stamp on fondant? I did a tutorial last Christmas and it was “okay” and certainly nothing to get excited about. Does homemade fondant taste better than the store-bought? I’d like to wow people with a cook stamp related tutorial. Any ideas you can share with me?


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