Color flow fondant plaque

I have made this Color flow fondant plaque over the last two days. It is going to be put on a cake for my daughters birthday. I knew that it had to be a motif from Littlest pet shop because she is crazy with those things. I have more photos of the procedure in the cake gallery, look under “Cake projects”.

Happy Caking



  1. Melinda says

    Hi Louise –

    Just saw this post searching for RI plaques and I think your site is great!

    What’s the biggest size plaque you’ve made? I’m a newbie at this – infact, I’ve never made one before – but I’d like to make an A3 size plaque for my son’s birthday cake. How many days do you think it would take to dry?

    Thank you! the way – er du dansker? =)


    • Louise says

      Hi Melinda,

      If you roll the fondant into about 4-5mm I would let it dry for 3-4 days before staring decorating it. It will dry/harden faster if you add a little bit of tylo powder to the fondant. Allow it to dry 3 days after decoration.

      Yep! Jeg er dansker :-)

  2. Louise says

    Chloe: I add more layers of royal icing when the first layer is dry.

    No, unless you want to cut it out from rolled fondant.

    Its rolled fondant.

  3. Chloe says

    The cake’s amazing!!!
    I’m trying to make it for my sister’s birthday as she loves littleest pet shop, so heres a few questions.

    *How do you make the mane and tail without it flowing over the sides?

    *Is there any other types of icing that I can use instead of royal icing because i heard that it has egg in it?

    *What is the blue base made out of?

    Thanks :) xxx

  4. Louise says

    I am glad that you all love it. I can tell that my daughter was very thrilled to see it on the cake (will post photos of it soon) and thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Just have to clear things out at first I called it “sugar plaque” but it is a “fondant plaque” because the plaque is made of rolled fondant.

    Remember that you can see more photos of hoe I made it in my cake gallery.

    Ok and to the questions:

    Jackie: I would say that color flow and the thinned royal icing with drops of water is the samething a liquid icing. I know Wilton has color flow powder but you can just as good use royal icing thinned with water.

    Beth Norman: You will find my email at the top (contact) Many use different kinds of stamps to emboss the fondant with. A good thing is to lightly dust you stamps with cornstarch to prevent it from sticking to the fondant.
    For the tutorial just make it. I am sure it will be good:-)

    Amy from NY: yes just RI thinned with water.

    Veronica: Not at all :-)

    Lilybird: Jeps your right its fondant. I did not add any drying agent to it. I thinkit was about 3-4mm thick. But I did add it on a cake card. So that she could save it;-)

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