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Halloween cupcake T-shirt

The traditional baking attire includes an apron and a chef’s hat, but is that what we really wear in our kitchens? On occasion you may see me scrambling in my kitchen with my pastry camp chef’s hat on, one of my twenty aprons tied around my waist, or ever my personalized chef’s coat I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago. But, for the most part, I plan, bake and decorate in my favorite sweatpants and a t-shirt, or a tank top if it’s warm.

I always tell my friends and family, “When I open my bakery, the uniform will be giant sweatpants and a tank top.” I am most comfortable in this outfit, and sweatpants make the perfect hand-wiper in a pinch!

What about you guys? What do you prefer to bake in? The traditional hat and apron… Pajamas… A mix of the two?

Do you have a specific baking outfit that you keep just for the kitchen?

If not, would you like one? Baking t-shirts are popping up all over the Internet. Just search “baking shirt” or “cake shirt” in your favorite search engine and you’ll find hundreds of choices. Just yesterday I came across an adorable Halloween cupcake t-shirt via Twitter. One look and I put my order in – I hope it comes in time for me to make some scary sweet treats!

Happy Caking!



  1. Toi says

    I love to bake in my PJs or. Sweats w/a big T-shirt, lol. I like a lot of room in my clothes to move around. I feel most comfy in these. I rush to change my clothes when my customer calls to say that they are on their way, lol 🙂

  2. says

    Well, I bake in whatever I’m wearing at the time. 😛 …I don’t exactly have special outfit and I don’t bother putting on apron most of the time. Although sometimes its kinda troublesome not having a place to wipe my hands with. Sometimes I tie a cloth onto my shirt/pants or tuck it into a pocket…or if I feel like it, just put on my apron.

  3. says

    I used to bake in an apron (a half one) but no chef’s hat. lol ~ now mostly I bake (and decorate) in jeans, boots and one of many horse t-shirts. Don’t worry, I clean up good first! =-)

  4. NaomiKnight17 says

    My nightgown is my favorite thing to bake in – maybe because I often bake late at night, so when I’m done I can just slip right into bed, still smelling sweetly of baked goods 😀

    I keep a tea towel handy for wiping my hands, so I don;t get my nighties too messed up.

  5. says

    Well, in pastry school we have to wear the chef’s jacket, chef’s pants, an apron and the pastry hat (which is more like a beanie thank goodness) but I have always said when I open my bakery it will be jeans and cute t-shirts. Maybe even tanks for summer for the people that work up front. I don’t want anyone to hate what they have to wear. Cause I am so not a fan of the chef’s jacket. It is so hot in those things!! So, at home I am usually in sweat pants, a tank or t-shirt and a full apron.

  6. CakeBunny says

    I absolutely LOVE house dresses! I have several clean-cut, frilly comfy dresses and I wear a nice sturdy apron over them. I have a collection of vintage aprons, some are “Little House on the Prairie”-ish, and some are flowery, some are french country, and some are just plain and functional. I even have one a friend gave me from Starbucks when she worked there LOL! I must have over 100 by now. But I love to be the “mom in the kitchen”, baking my family breads and goodies. It’s OK to be a strong yet femininely-dressed woman who loves running her household. My husband calls me the CEO of the Home ;o)

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