Couture for cupcakes

Its amazing to see how fashion has made its way to cupcakes. You can now dress up your cupcakes with beautiful paper wrappers in almost every colour and pattern. So of course I had to try them out myself 🙂

The pink wrappers are made by Lisa Mudrakoff from Vancouver. She is the owner and designer behind the online “cupcake boutique” called Cupcake Wrapture. She started one day just for fun making a template out of scrapbook paper. When she posted the results on flickr and other forum sites the response for the wrappers was so positive and many wanted to know where they could get the wrappers.

So Lisa made more and decided to try and turn the wrappers into business. A long and complicated process but now the “doors” are open to Cupcake Wrapture.

Lisa says: My website is set up like a “boutique for cupcakes” –
with different collections!

You can get:
Off the Rack – in solid colours $5.00 per dozen.
Holiday – Christmas, Valentine’s day and Easter patterns $6.50 per dozen.
Seasonal – a changing collection of patterned wraps $6.50 per dozen.
Haute Couture – the evening gowns of the cupcake world $9.00 per dozen

So there should be no problems for you to find the right “dress” for your baked cupcakes. Besides cupcake wrappers, Lisa also makes amazing cakes, cupcakes and cookies under the name Queene of Tartes.

Happy Caking



  1. Sweetcakes says

    Hi Louise!

    Those are beautiful cupcakes! How do you get your swirl so perfect and what tip do you use? Those wrappers are fantastic…thanks for sharing!

  2. Shira says

    Hi Louise,

    The cupcake look terrific! Can u share your recipe of the chocolate butter cream? Very shining!


  3. marielba says

    Amazing, you always give us beautiful notices about this wonderful sweet world, congratulations to Lisa and you, for telling us, greetings from Venezuela, South America

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