Cupcake cookie lolly’s

Cookie lolly's

I have been playing with the cookie dough lately and made a lot of cute cupcake cookie lollies? or simply just cookies on a sticks. These cupcake cookies have been on my “to do list” for a very long time and I finally had a go making them. I dont have a speciel cupcake cookie cutter so I sat down and draw a template myself. I am very satisfied how they turned out and I have more cake inspired cookies on the way because I had a great time decorating them.

It is sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and you can see more cupcake cookie lollies at my gallery.

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise says

    I can see that many of you are interested in how I made them and therefor I will try making a small tutorial and I will make sure that everyone who is interested can get the template I made. Just be a little patience…. Untill it is ready I will try reply your questions:-)

    I cut out the cookies with a small sharp knife. I find it best to cut while the cookies dough is still cold and NOT baked. If there are any rough edges I carefully smoothe with my finger.

    After the cookies is cut I take a lolly stick and twist it into the cookie. carefully turn the cookie over and cover up with some dough. This fab trick can be seen on Karens Cookies:

    When I do the flooding I make sure that it is a thin and runny icing and I use one of those brilliant squeze bottles. The icing set up more even and smooth by doing it this way. I thin down with water.

    Whenever you do the out lining of the cookie or the details when the flooding icing is dry I use a soft icing.

    Yes it would be great if I could get this one into a real cookie cutter!!!

    Thanks to all of you for the comments. I thought that you would love them 😉

  2. Rachel says

    Hey, I jsut stumbled upon this for the first time, so I aplogize if you cover this a lot, but

    a)do you cut the cookies post- or pre- baking?
    b)how doyou stick the sticks in the cookies? Bake them in? Stick them in afterwards? How do you stop the cookie from splitting/breaking around the stick?

  3. Mari CCS says

    Louise! Congratulations for these lovely cookies!What a great treat for a babyshower!
    As everyone has asked, What’s your trick for that smooth icing?
    Greetings from Caracas-Venezuela!

  4. says

    They are so pretty!! And your icing is perfect. If you use royal icing, how do you spread it over the cookies? It is very smooth and not dry. What is your secret?
    Paola. Roma

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