Cupcake cookie lolly’s

Cookie lolly's

I have been playing with the cookie dough lately and made a lot of cute cupcake cookie lollies? or simply just cookies on a sticks. These cupcake cookies have been on my “to do list” for a very long time and I finally had a go making them. I dont have a speciel cupcake cookie cutter so I sat down and draw a template myself. I am very satisfied how they turned out and I have more cake inspired cookies on the way because I had a great time decorating them.

It is sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and you can see more cupcake cookie lollies at my gallery.

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise says

    Kimberley: I just use a regular sugar cookie dough without baking powder. I do roll it out a bit thicker. Try look here there is a great how to on how to make cookies on sticks and there are nice recipes as well.

  2. Kimberley says

    Thank you Louise for sharing these adorable cookies with us. Do you have a special recipe for sugar cookies to keep them from falling off the lolli sticks I can’t seem to keep mine attached to the sticks. I have tried several different recipes and haven’t had any success. I’ve noticed if I roll the dough too thick it loses it shape and if it’s to thin it falls off. Help! Thanks:)

  3. jackie says

    Hi Louise:

    I m a fan of your blog, I wrote you by Flickr mail, asking you some questions that you have just answered, thanks ,

    I made your cookies (are in my postream) with the template and the are beautiful for me, never as yours, of course!!! the edges came out rough… i now have the trick to smooth it with my finger.

    Ill be waiting for the tutorial and the recipe for the icing, because it didnt turned so perfect as yours.

    Las delicias de vivir

  4. says

    Hvor er dine cookies bare fantastiske, så lige dem alle på flickr, og jeg er som altid vild med din kreativitet.

    Skal vi snart ha’ gang i den der torsdags-klub igen????

  5. Louise says

    Bakerette: Yes I know that site I also use the site but mainly I order from the UK or ebay.

    Ulla-Britt: Uhh det kunne være så hyggeligt!!!!

    Kelsie: Thx. Your cookies are cute too.

  6. says

    Hey Louise,
    Love the cookies..maybe you know this already but there is a great website called “kitchen collectibles”, it’s a workshop in the US that makes a wide range of copper cookie cutters. I think peggy porschen buys some of her cutters from there. I saw a cup-cake cookie cutter (look under ‘food’) and I think they also custom make anything you want! They also ship internationally. I live in Dubai and ordered so many things from there and they were so great to deal with!!

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