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Embossed blue cupcake

We have had the most fantastic warm summer weather. So standing in the kitchen with the oven on have not been on my agenda lately. But I have pulled myself together to make some cupcakes for a little cupcake project on the Cakes & More forum.

So I have made three different cupcake decorations 1. swirl. 2. embossing and 3. animals

The swirls did not turn out the best because the whipped chocolate ganache that I used did not like the heat and curdled alot.

For the sweet blue cupcakes have I used a small embossing stick from Holly Products. I topped them with small sugar roses and leaves. The sticks are also great to use on fondant decorated cookies. The cute little turtle is made out of modelling paste = ready made fondant about 8 oz. mixed with 1 tsp. of Tylo Powder and kneaded well.

Turtle cupcake topper

But I have also another cupcake project comming up in fact I am just about to get started on it. I am in this group on flickr called Flickr Bake-off! where you can challenge another person for a “Throw Down”. Then you both decide what theme it should be and if it is going to be a cake, pie, cookie or a cupcake you want to make. You have about 14 days to make whatever you have decided and the photos then goes for a vote. All just for fun like it just should be 🙂

So I am a bit late so I will show you my results when the voting is over……. Oh btw the theme is “fairies” Wish me luck 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise says

    Small cookie: THX 🙂

    Fabbys: Do you think of books with figure modelling?? I would recomend you to look at Loraine McKays web site. She sells online tutorials that are very easy to understand but she also have loads of small podcast where she show small things for free.

  2. Fabbys says

    Louise, tell me something, exist some book that you could recommend to me to mold the fondant. I have done some figures, as bears, birds and elephants with fondant, but I would like to know if some book exists to mold. Though it is not of fondant. I want to take the idea.

    Regards and kisses from Mexico

  3. says

    Louise, your little turtle is super cute. Love it love it love it. Now I can’t wait to see your little fairy. Needed inspiration for my little one’s birthday this Aug.

  4. Louise says

    Angela: Thank you!!

    MSG142: You can always decorate the cupcakes with small baby bottles, blocks, pacifier, bibs ect. try search: for baby shower cupcakes on Google or flickr for insperation.

  5. MSG142 says

    Amazing!! You are so talented. I’m really loving the turtle – would love an easy tutorial. I want to do cupcakes for a babyshower at work. (I’m an ameature) any suggestions.

  6. Louise says

    Cindy: I use a tylo glue. You can find it on the site under “Tutorials”

    MS&S, Rhonda,emily & Tanya: Thank you girls 🙂 🙂

    Yoshiko: When I want to make the fondant stick to the cupcake I use either: BC or chocolate ganache in a very think layer or brush them with sugar syrup or abricot jam.

    Lindsay, Silvia, Prudence, Fabbys, Dee, Rita: Thank you. Just sad that the lovely worm sunny days are gone for now and cold weather and rain is on its way.

    Becky: Thank you. No I dont do this proffesionel just for fun. I still think that my kids are to young to have a full time and probaly many more hours working mom 😉 If only you knew how many times I have got confused over the different names. Why cant it just be the same names?? It would be so much easier for all.

    Lisa Kennedy: You can get Tylo powder in some of the supplie shops But you can also use Gum Tragacanth instead of tylo.

    The name fairy cake used to be or is still used for a cupcake in the UK if I am not all wrong. Thank you for the comment.

    June & Marielba Anzola: So sweet of you:-)

  7. Marielba Anzola says

    Hi Louise your work is always perfect and beautiful. Congratulations.
    Hugs from Venezuela

  8. Lisa Kennedy says

    Absolutely adorable. I love the frivolity of the happy turtle. He’s obviously found a nice place to rest.
    Do you know what the American equivalent of Tylo powder is?
    Also, in the Paul McCartney song -“English Tea”- what is a fairy cake? Is it like a petit four? I keep meaning to ask my neighbor who is British but I keep forgetting to ask. Blame it on old age.
    Love your beautiful work!!!

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