Delicious macarons with swiss meringue buttercream


I got so inspired by the fabulous tutorial that Linda from Call Me Cupcake made for CakeJournal last week. Yesterday I made some delicious macarons with swiss meringue buttercream filling. Up until then I had tried two different macaron recipes and I must say that I think Linda’s is by far the best. In addition to a great recipe her step by step instructions was very easy to follow so I felt really safe, when I threw myself into the macaron making.

I still need to learn more about the coloring of the macarons though. As I was aiming for a nice spring green color (used almost a whole pot of my favourite powdered food color) but ended up with a rather pale green instead. So any good advise will be much appreciated.

Piping the macarons was one of the parts where I had forgot how tricky this acctually is. It takes a little practice piping the perfect round macaron. I did manage to get the hang of it after the first baking sheet. My second one was much better and overall I am extremely happy with my result.

Macarons with swiss meringue filling

I have filled my macarons with swiss meringue buttercreme. The feeling of biting into the crisp and chewey macaron is just devine. I would love to hear if you have tried the macarons and please share any good tips that you have.

Happy Caking!



  1. Sandrath says

    Love the Pastel Mint Color 🙂 I think it looks perfectly spring from the photos 🙂 Just wanted to give you a quick note 🙂 been sick lately… will email you soon! 🙂

  2. says

    I make macarons using a different method it is the one where you make sugar syrup very similar to the swiss meringue buttercream. I know a few people pop the gel into the sugar/water mixture to evaporate off any extra water from the gel but I have never had a significant problem adding it in with the dry ingredients and I barely use any. I quite like this pretty pale green colour.

  3. says

    I actually made macarons for the very first time over the weekend after seeing the tutorial here last week! I had wanted to try them for ages but was always too afraid but they actually turned out to be much easier than I expected and I was so pleased with the results 🙂 I used gel food colouring in mine and made an amaretto butter cream

    Quick phone snap of them here ^^

    I definitely won’t be hesitating to make them again!

  4. Tjforgoodnesscake says

    I used her recipe and macarons for the first time and filled them with ganache. They came out perfect. It was a great tutorial. Thanks.

  5. Annauk says

    The macarons are very beautiful. I would have to use gel colouring too. Wonder if that would affect them badly?

    • Anonymous says

      If you click the link “the fabulous tutorial” in this post you will get to the step by step instructions and recipe.

  6. Ymlopez76 says

    These look divine! Just wondering if I could use gel foodcoloring instead of powdered. We don’t have powdered food coloring available where I live and would have to order it online. Would the gel ruin the texture or overall outcome of the macarons? Thanks!

    • Godte says

      I think foodcoloring as paste will work better here. It’s more intense and the little amount of color that is needed will not have any effect on the recipe.

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