Gift wrapping

I love to craft things that I can use for beautiful gift wrapping for my homemade treats. This paper cone will hide the sweet cookie hearts decorated with rolled fondant. Maybe for a little Valentine’s Day gift?

Remember that if you use rolled fondant on your cookies Then let them dry for 1-2 days in a cardboard box. That will “harden” the rolled fondant, so it wont be sticky when packing. Also the cookies can make grease marks on the paper. So remember to pack them in a plastic/cellophane bag or grease proff paper, before packing them in paper gift boxes or like here a paper cone.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    These little cookies are so cute ! I’m going to try your sugar cookie recipe again this afternoon to make Valentine’s day heart shaped cookies :o) Thank you !

  2. MEA says

    What a great idea! I would have never thought of this! I just have one question! I’ve never used fondant on cookies and I was wondering how it would taste?

  3. Romina says

    Great idea, Louise!!
    I’ve been buying special papers for the past few days for Valentine’s day but hadn’t decided how to use them yet.
    I think I’ll probably use your cone idea since I’ve already baked my Valentine’s cookies.
    Happy Valentine’s for everyone!

  4. Becky says

    Sooo pretty! I might make these tomorrow. Last week, I made cookies…1/2 the batch had the marshmallow fondant on them, the other 1/2 had marzipan covering them. It was the first time I tried marzipan, and it was really good!

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