1. Elisha says

    Hi Louise, 
    I have been a long time follower of your site and I admire your immense talent and artistic abilities and some day I too would like to start my own site . Since I check your site frequently I know each and every cookie , cake and fondant  piece you have ever made and imagine my suprise when i find one of your fondant butterfly cookies being used by an imposter to promote their own business. whoever this person is must not get away with using your work and passing it off as their own .
    I dont know what else I could do but to let you know and I am attaching the website for you to see as well
    Good Luck
    Elisha Pinto  from Canada 😀

  2. Paige-Reese Designer Bakeshop says

    STUNNING!  I cannot wait to see the purse!  Do you plan on doing a tutorial on the brooch? 

    • Anonymous says

      If it all goes well, I plan to make a tutorial for both the purse cake and the brooch. But let’s see 🙂

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