Gum paste peonies

What do you think of my gum paste peonies? I have been working on them the last couple of days. It is my second go with peonies and I must say that they look difficult to make, but they are quite easy to make.

It is the preparation of all the petals that takes time. I have used a lot of small foam pieces to keep all the petals in place while drying.

I have been thinking on giving them a little petal dust, but Im not sure? I think that I will have to make a little “test” peony to see how it looks.

Happy Caking!



  1. Helenthecakelady says

    I made some in white, with hints of green petal dust to go on a wedding cake for a family member, they looked beautiful with ivy, white filler flowers and diamant’e sprays.

  2. Gerry says

    Peonies are my favourite flowers and these are beautiful, so much like the real thing. Thanks for all your tutorials too, they have given me lots of ideas.

  3. Rachel says

    I love these! I’ve been looking everywhere for a gumpaste peony like this. Can you please post tutorials? Thank you!!

  4. suray says

    They look amazing! I’ve been trying to find a tutorial… to make them for a birthday cake that I have.

  5. says

    Stunning!!!!!!… and I am searching every site available to try and find a tutorial. Just wondering if you wired the petals?

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