Halloween Cookie basket

Halloween cookie basket 1

I am already busy with the preparations for this years Halloween holiday and making Halloween cookie baskets is one of my (many) projects. I will be using them as gifts for friends and family this year and I still need to make seven more baskets.

Just to see how they look with cookies, have I filled it with some pumpkin cookies. But I will also make other types of Halloween themed cookies like: Spiders, creepy eyes, ghosts, coffins and tombstones. Im sure that the receivers will be thrilled, when they get them for Halloween.

What type of Halloween cookies do you bake? Do you have a favorite one or do you just bake a mixed variety of “frightening” cookies? Please tell me:-)

Happy Caking!



  1. Sheena says

    Hi Louise, I have been a serial lurker for over a year now and just wanted to say how fabulous your creative ideas are. I love your blog and was hoping you’d show us a picture of some pumpkin shaped cookies. I have a pumpkin cutter and now have the inspiration I need to give it a try. Many thanks for being such a generous person with your skills 🙂

  2. Sondra says

    I love decorating Halloween cookies. I do pumpkins, ghosts, bats, tombstones etc. But my favorites are bloody monster hands. So fun.

  3. Camilla (Himmelske kager) says

    Hi Louise! The basket and the pumpkins looks great. I would definitely be happy to receive such gift for halloween. I also like the “Bat” cookie cutter and the cutter shaped like a cat that arches its back can be used. Happy “cookie-caking”

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