Halloween cookies

Here are the Halloween cookies that we will be enjoying today. “Dead” fingers, green witches finger and then the Halloween cookies decorated with royal icing. I got inspired by the recipe from Martha Stewart for the “dead” and witches fingers.

I gave both a light dusting with some cocoa powder. I think that I like the white ones the best.

My Halloween cookies turned out just as I planed. I want to share a great tip with you. When decorating cookies then let them dry underneath a work lamp. It works really good and you can pipe the final details on the cookie the same day, of course depending on what time you start flooding your cookies.

I will jump on my broomstick and fly out into the night. Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Caking!



  1. Pyntekagen says

    So “nice” looking. I just made theese but mine like “meltet” (flød ud) in the oven – do you know why?

  2. JB1 aka 'The Cupcake Fairy' says

    Are you using the same cutter for the icing and the biscuits?  All your cookies look FABULOUS by the way!!

  3. says

    i like the white ones too! and just like someone else asked, how do you make those finger shapes?
    i also love all your other tutorials… i have been learning so much that i was inspired to start off my own website to share whatever i am learning with others 🙂

  4. says

    Whoah! This is my first time to see your blog posts but believe me, I really admire how you’ve come up with very nice Halloween cookies. I’m inspired with your creativity and interest in baking cookies. I hope it will not only look good but will taste even better.

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