Making a birthday cake

My daughter is turning 9 and I will be making a birthday cake with a bunny theme this year. Last year I made a small cake with a replica of her dwarf hamster Viola, but sadly we lost Viola two weeks ago and a little Lionhead bunny is now on her whish list. So I will make a little 3D replica, since she will get a little Lionhead bunny for her birthday this year.

I will give you an update later this week on how the project turns out. You can see some of the other birthday cakes that I have made for my daughter over the years below:

Happy Caking!



  1. marielba says

    Happy Birthday to your little girl, you make beautiful cakes, so sweet and show us how to make it, thanks

  2. Corey says

    Beautiful! And I LOVE the bunny? Did you make it out of gum paste or maybe 1 part fondant 1 part gum paste? I need to make a character cake in a couple weeks, & I’ve never made them before so I’m not sure what I should make them out of…what would be your suggestion?

  3. carla says

    Louise,your cakes are so beautiful,I really want to make “my little pony” for my daughter too ,!it’s so cute¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DAUGHTER¡¡¡

  4. Rachel says

    Your talent is so amazing! I better not let my kids see these cakes, or they will realize just how bad the cakes I make are!!

  5. Julie says

    Louise, they’re just precious! I love the bunny especially. You’ve given me a great idea for an Easter cake next year. Your daughter will love her birthday cake.

    Always love seeing your spectacular work!

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