Masterclasses with Peggy Porschen

As a huge fan of Peggy Porschen I was very excited when I got notified that she will be teaching at two special pre-Christmas masterclasses for only 10 students per class. The classes will be held at her Battersea studio in London.

I would love to take a trip to London at anytime if I could just spend a day with Peggy. She will show some of her secrets when it comes to pipping and decorating her all time beautiful cookies and cakes. This time added with a touch of Christmas glitter.

The first masterclass is already coming up November 21. Here you will learn how to decorate snowflake cookies and a 6″ fruit cake.

The second masterclass is saturday December 6. This time it will be all about minature fruit cakes.

But there are more great news to come. A new book from Peggy “Cake Chic” will be published summer 2009. Can it get any better?

You can find more info at Peggy Porschen.

Happy Caking


Picture provided by Peggy Porschen Ltd & taken by photographer Georgia Glynn Smith. 


  1. Louise says

    Liz: Yes how time does fly… Ohh I would love to have seen that magazine.

    Amy: I too have too many cookie cutters.

    Becky: Aww thank you 🙂

    SORAIDA MEJIA: At the moment there are only these two classes on Peggy Porschen site. So you have to look at her site.

    Andrea: I hope that one day I can attend one of her classes. But Im so busy at the moment. Yes I have the new Confetti book, Its fantastic.

    Toni: It would be so great.

    How great it would be if we all could attend one of Peggy’s class.

  2. says

    I would have loved to have gone but can’t afford £165 right now. I’m going to put away money in case she ever runs any other courses! I have both her books and her 3rd one will be bought whenever it comes out!

  3. The Cake Maker says

    I have Peggy’s ‘Pretty Party Cakes’ book right next to me! It is amazing – well worth the cost. The only unfortunate thing is you don’t get half of the cutters o equipment here in South Africa! Your cookies are just as good as hers though Louise!

  4. says

    I just found your blog via Google Reader Recommender and I am completely in love. I think I’ll be spending a better part of my weekend catching up on everything you have here, but from what I’ve read so far, it is amazing! I’m in cake heaven!

    Oh and I’d love to jet off to London for a cookie decorating class. Sounds like a fabulous idea. (tee-hee)

  5. Shaaron says

    Peggy’s creations are breath-taking just as yours always are. Her attention to detail is perfect. Would love to be able to make flowers like you ladies do but they never turn out nearly as beautiful and perfect. Maybe PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

    LOVE YOUR SITE. Keep it coming our way.


  6. says

    OH how I would love to learn the snowflake cookies… and piping.. and the cake… WOW… Hmmmm Can you tell I would LOVE to go!!!

  7. Andrea Kopp says

    Unfortunately I will be moving by december.
    Hope you go and make lots of pictures.
    Pls let us know again when you hear about Peggy’s classes.
    I will do my best to attend. I am also a great fan !

    By the way, do you already have a copy of Confetti Cakes for Kids ?
    I am getting mine soon.

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