1. Jill Shelton says

    This comment relates to the beautiful photograph of Lamingtons made with teal coloured icing. I am from Perth, Western Australia and we often think of lamingtons when talk of a national dessert is floated. Now the humble lamington (available in every lunch shop or supermarket but mostly home made) may or may not be our national dessert (as it is the Pavolova that is often given the gong for this) but what is certain is that it has CHOCOLATE and COCONUT and VANILLA cake. Teal or any other hue or flavour is NOT a Lamington. For example a similar cake made with raspberry jelly is called a jelly cake (not US jelly which we call jam, but liquid set with gelatine which I believe is US jell-o) However your beautiful cake site/blog easily negates any differences of opinion on Lamington definition! I can’t wait to delve into it more…

  2. Jlamom84 says

    I am making a cake filled with a cream cheese filling and they want fresh strawberries. Is this ok to put together for a cake covered in fondant? I am afraid the strawberries will go bad not refrigerated. I will be making the cake only about 16 hours before consumption.

  3. Ruth_23 says

    Hi Louise, so i know this is really silly of me and i probably sounds kind of dumb (haha) but i was wondering if you had posted the recipe on this site, because i cant find it… 🙂 or if you could give me some directions and such, that would be amazing!!

    • Anonymous says

      I have not posted a tutorial on how to make mini cakes. Bake a square cake, level and split in two, sandwich with a filling, chill and then cut out using a tall round cutter. Try not to make the too tall. Just about 2 1/2″. Cover them with a thin coat of buttercream or chocolate ganache, before covering with rolled fondant.

  4. Cake lover says

    I need help… I wanted to try to make mini cakes I used circle cutters… When I tried to frost them the cakes started falling about… I didn’t even get a chance to fondant them… What would be some good advice?… Should I just buy the mini cake pans? What type of frosting should I used to crumb coat it before I put the fondant on? Should I have stuck them in the freeze before I used the cutter or before frosting??? I’m soooo stuck!! Please please please help!!!

    • Anonymous says

      Both the freeze part before crumb coat is always a good idea. A more soft spreadable frosting is also good when it comes to such small cakes.

  5. says

    How long did it take you to make the mini cakes? I want to make mini cakes for my wedding, but we could have up to 500 guests. It may be too much work for me 😛

    • Anonymous says

      I would say that 500 mini cakes it a lot of work. Mini cakes are not easier because they are small. They take just as much time as large cakes.

  6. ScottishJules says

    I’m thinking – ‘thank goodness’ after reading all the info. In the middle of a trial run of mini cakes (100 to make for a wedding in 3 weeks). The bride gave me a picture and said I’d like this one (top left) and I’ve since discovered they are from Cake Central – The extremely talented lady who has created them says she used a patchwork embossing mat – any ideas who manufactures these? Thanks from a very nervous Scottish cake decorator.

  7. Maite says

    Hi Louise!

    I LOVE your website and all your ideas! I’m being asked to make 30 mini cakes for a bridal shower. So 2 quick questions for you:
    1. how much cake do you think I need to bake in order to get 30 mini cakes?
    2. The sugar syrup you mention to keep the cake moist, how do you make it? Is it the recipe w/2 parts sugar and 1 part water?

    • Anonymous says

      1.Take your square pan, Trace the pans circumference onto a piece of parchment paper. Take a circle cutter (the size you plan to use for the minis) and with a pencil you can fill out the paper with circles to see how many you’ll be able to make. Mini cakes should not be taller than 3″
      2. Yes, it is.

  8. viv says

    Hi Louise,
    lovely mini cakes you’ve got here. I need your advice on how to make your fondant stick to BC. The last time I make a cake with rolled fondant, it didnt stick to the cake and I didnt like the outcome. What did I do wrong?

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