My Gingerbread house 2009

This year I wanted to make my Gingerbread house a little more “simple”, only decorating it with white royal icing. I have used different styles of piping details inspired by the Gingerbread houses from Martha Stewart. It is very Scandinavian, I think 😉

Like last year, I have added electric lights inside the house and I think it looks so charming when the lights burst out through the windows. I always give the Gingerbread house to my MIL and she only just threw out, last years gingerbread house a couple of month ago. So I am a bit excited, to see how long she will keep this one 🙂

Happy Caking and Merry Christmas to all of you!



  1. says

    Natalie: Please look here: The next one is a really great dvd that will help you:

    Alice: What you do is have a little water and a little paint brush ready when you pipe dots. When you have piped 4-5 dots take your slightly dampen brush and carefully press down the “tail” Dont make more than 4-5 dots at a time because as the RI dries it is harder to do it nicely.

    Naomi: Ohh that is a pretty GB. I just cant work out the chimney part. So thats why my GB houses never has a chimney.

  2. Florence D'Ascoli says

    Fist at all. I hope you had a Happy Christmass and I wish you peace, health, happiness and prosperity to you and your love ones for the next 2010.
    I love the way you did this gingerbread house, simple and glamorous. I will copy it.
    Warm grettings from our warm Venezuela

  3. Florence D'Ascoli says

    First at all… I hope you had a happy Christmass and I wish you peace, health and prosperity to you and your love ones. Warm wishes from our warm Venezuela.

  4. Alice says

    Wow, that looks amazing! I have a problem with my own royal icing dots though, I can’t seem to make them without the little spiky “tail” coming off. How do you make yours so nice and rounded?

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