New cookie cutters & cupcakes

I have recently bought some new cookie cutters and I was so happy that I finally found the teapot cookie cutters, I think their shape reminds me of the madhatter’s tea party. I found them on ebay.

The dragon fly is for my insect cutter collection and the car is so close to the car cookies. I did earlier this year, only this one is smaller.

So now there is no excuse anymore! I have to make some cookies soon….

I also wanna show you some adorable pink cupcakes that I made the other day. They are covered in sweet pink poured fondant with small roses on top. I myself had two with a nice cup of tea.

Thanks so far for the Halloween cake ideas you have sent me, please send more:)

Happy Caking!



  1. Anonymous says

    wow, i can’t believe these cupcakes naturally dome like that! It looks just too perfect! I thought you added on another cake (on top of the cupcake) from a domed baking tin. Just perfect! and love the colours you use!

  2. Anonymous says

    Hei Louise,

    The cupcakes look lovely as always, but…by the way, do you EAT the cakes/ cupcakes ???
    I would be rolling down the hill if I could bake these cute cakes…

  3. Louise says

    yep! thats true Yan. Thats why its important to get the poured fondant very warm and runny.

    So just keep trying:)


  4. Yan says

    Lousie, is that true? Yours also comes out with cracks? Oh my, then you are really good with your poured fondant to be able to cover it! I’ve always thought to get these domes nicely covered needs an uncracked cupcake.

    Keep up the good work! I’ve always loved viewing your creations. Cheers!

  5. Louise says

    Minnie~knits: Yes It is a shame;) I love collecting cookie cutters & a flamingo sounds so cool. But it sound nice what you do with the family. Where do you get your cutters from?

    For the domed shape it just the way the recipe turn out. I have seen many boxed mixes with a nice dome.

    Yan: It is the poured fondant that creates the perfect dome and always after a second dip. All mine always comes out with cracks too but you just cant see it after they are coated. THX

    Thank you nes:)

  6. Yan says

    These are so pretty! I can never get domed shaped cupcakes like yours. Mine are always cracked or they don’t dome so nicely.

  7. Minnie~Knits says

    I love cookie cutters! It is an absolute SHAME how rare I use them, though. I have a cool flamingo cutter, a set of snowflakes, and a set of butterflies, never used once! And those are just the ones I don’t use, I have way more! I get together with my niece and nephew a few times a year to make cookies. It involves at least 10 pounds of colored sprinkles…
    Your cupcakes are absolutely beautiful, mine never turn out quite so perfectly (evenly) baked, in the nice dome shape. Is it because I use boxed cake mixes? I am jealous!

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