New cupcake books

It is always nice to get new books and my mum was so sweet to look out for anything cake related when she was on holiday in Brisbane, Australia. She came home with these four books: Cupcakes & muffins from Collectors Edition, Cupcake Heaven by Susannah Blake, The muffin collection by Susanna Tee and Cupcake magic by Kate Shirazi. All of them looks to be good 🙂 She also bought 2 cake magazines so I have lots of bedtime reading now.

I also got a set of australian animal cookie cutters so now I can bake Kookaburra and Platypus cookies with the kids 🙂 The sweet fridge magnets are from Robert Gordon and they now adorn the refrigeator.

Happy Caking



  1. Sharlene says

    Louise, if you ever come down to Brisbane to visit your relatives. I would love to invite you over for a delicious meal. You inspire all of us – thank you.

  2. says

    Wow, four new books. How wonderful. I made a trip to Michigan (I live in a border city) and saw some awesome cupcake and cookie decorating books. Your blog is convincing me that I need to get back into some nice decorating and I think I’ll give cupcakes a go. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your new designs.

  3. Louise says

    Virginie: Yes they are really sweet.

    Sonya: I have sent you an email with info 😀

    Kate: I would not let my hubby even touch it…. 😉 Cupcakes is the best !

  4. Kate from Oz says

    Ha Toads are discusting (my husband throws ours over the fence) Im loving the colours of those books they look like art all stacked there together…..why is everything about cupcakes so perfect and sweet and delectable….mmmm mmmm

  5. says

    Susannah Blake’s ‘Cupcakes’ was my first cupcake book. Her basic cupcake recipe is the BEST. Easy and the cakes stay moist for a long time. My son married a Danish girl and they live in Copenhagen. All the Danish family will be visiting at Christmas. Can you tell me where there is a cake decorating shop in Copenhagen as they want to bring me something. Thanks for your informative site.

  6. Louise says

    Thank you all. My mums aunt family emigrated from Denmark to Australia long time agoe in the 50’s I think. The last time they were in Denmark was just before I was born in 1976 🙂

    She spend three weeks in Brisbane and was not close to the storm. But I did get a little worried when I heard about it in the news. I myself would so much love to see Australia but you have those giant toads and I not sure I would like to meet one of those as I am so scared of anything froggy like 😀

  7. says

    Yay for Brisbane, which is where I am. I’m going to have to hunt down some of those cupcake magnets, they are adorable.
    I also hope she missed out on all the big storms. That’s no way to spend your holiday.

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