Poured fondant icing

Poured fondant is a smooth and opaque icing, that you can use on cakes, cupcakes and cake bites (the picture above). The fondant I use is a ready-made one from Almond Art. You can also get a powdered one from Squires kitchen.

I have had luck making poured fondant from rolled fondant by heating it carefully in the mikroway oven and thin it down with boiled water. I flavour mine with lemon juice, but you could use any kind of flavourings. You can of course also try and make it yourself. Try Google “poured fondant recipes” and you will find lots of different recipes. You should go for one made of icing sugar, water and glucose syrup. If you know where to buy it in the US or know a good recipes for it I would be very happy if you will let me know.

If you are looking for any good cake books using poured fondant. I can highly recomend: Pretty Party Cakes by Peggy Porschen. She is the star of making beautiful cupcakes and fondant fancies with poured fondant.

To learn this cupcake decoration technique please see my tutorial: How to cover cupcakes with poured fondant.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Cat: Poured fondant dont act the same as royal icing. So I would not use it. It is great for cupcakes and petit fours where you can pipe details but not for cookies.

  2. Cat says

    Have you ever flooding poured fondant onto cookies? I guess it would be wise to outline in royal icing, then flood with poured fondant. I’m curious though, does the recipe you used dry firm so that I can stack and/or package them? Maybe even do a few details with piping of royal icing?

  3. Louise says

    Ana-Maria: I have not had any luck with the regular rolled fondant recipes thats why I make mmf whenever im not lazy and buy the rolled fondant 😉

  4. Ana-Maria says

    Do you have a favorite sucessfull fondant recipe? I’ve seen “marshmellow fondant” recipes and haven’t tried them and I’ve been disouraged by professionals already. I can’t pay $10 for 500gr… (or 1 lb)

  5. Lucia says

    Hi I love you web, I am a new with all of these and it has help me soo much I was wondering if you can give me a plain white vanilla cupcake recopies I have tried so many and it always turns out to be to fluffy or to dry for fondant taste and texture! I look ford to hearing from you at your earliest convenience!

  6. Louise says


    No I have not tried to make those yet. But they sure looks great on her fondant fancies. In her new book “Romantic Cakes” she use them on a beautiful white wedding cake. If you try to make them I would love to see some pictures 🙂


  7. Anonymous says

    hi Louise,

    talking about Peggy Porschen, have you already tried her royal icing butterflies ??
    I am planning to try it the next days.

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