1. Louise says

    Tamara: I have not tried with MMF. But it is important that you dont keep your poured fondant cupcakes in a air thight box. Then it will get sticky.
    A cardboard box is the best.

  2. Tamara says

    I made the poured fondant cupcakes with MMF and they were beautiful, although rather sticky even after resting for 5 hours. Should I make them the day in advance?
    Thanks for all your inspiration…

  3. Louise says

    Serena: Thank you.

    I use many different vanilla cupcakes and not all are good. I like the one from Crabapple bakery though thats really nice and moist.

    Im a bake from scratch girl 😉

  4. Serena says

    Your cupcakes & website are absolutley stunning.

    Do you have a cupcake recipe you can share with us? Ive tried a few vanilla ones that have turned out very dry.

    Do you bake from scratch or use cake mix?

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