Pretty poured fondant cupcakes

These poured fondant cupcakes are made by Patricia Lisi. She has used the poured fondant icing tutorial together with the how to cover a cupcake with poured fondant tutorial.

This was Patricias first time so I think that the result is amazing 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. Louise says

    Patricia: Thank you…..

    Shaaron: any kind of icing is sweet of tasting. Mostly because its often is made with icing sugar. I dont think that the rolled fondant or MMF is hard to cut in.
    Now some rolled fondant brands taste better than others but most of the times I experience that people just peel the fondant off the cake.

    With the IMBC under the fondant it taste really nice.

    Marielba, Eugene & Cakebreak: Thank you all 🙂

  2. marielba says

    wow, beautiful and delicate, congratulations you both, louise and Patricia one for teaching us and the other for practice it,
    Hugs from Venezuela, South America

  3. Shaaron says

    These are adorable. ALMOST too cute to eat. I am curious about something and hopefully you can let me know the answer. I have never eaten fondant of any kind, rolled or poured. When covering a cake, is the rolled kind easy to cut through and what is the taste like when combined with the buttercream crumb coat, the cake and filling? Is it sweet like a royal icing? Thank you and I love your site.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi there! WOW! I can’t believe all of your sweet comments! I followed the Food Processor Poured Fondant recipe from The Cake Bible. I made up some simple syrup to thin the re-heated fondant to proper consistency. Also, I didn’t let the re-heated fondant go above 105 degrees or it can lose its sheen. I had to put the heat on and off and keep it stirred or it starts to crust on top. I may try something electric to keep water hot and do a double boiler method. Actually if you are fast enough it may not be an issue. You do have to make the fondant recipe up at least 24 hours ahead and then re-heat what you need. It seems intimidating but really it’s not.

    I was not actually that thrilled with the actual cake. It was a white cake recipe that I used and I thought it was a tad dry. Fresh out of the oven I didn’t think so. Maybe I can post the recipe and Louise can suggest how to make it more moist? I used an apple corer and put some white chocolate mousse (white choc. inst. pudding and pastry cream) inside. I heard others say that they didn’t have good results with a filler/bismark tip.

    I followed Louise’s tutorials in how to actually do the dipping, etc. And also used her suggestion of the brushed on jam first and then let it dry. Of course her pictures were pure inspiration.

    Let me know if I should post the cake recipe anyway… Patricia from Sunny CA

  5. Louise says

    Thank you all for the sweet comments. I am sure Patricia is very happy. I will try ask her what recipe she used for the cupcakes.

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