Rosey fondant cookie lollys

Rose fondant cookie lollipops

Back when I saw some cute cupcake fondant molds I was thinking of how they maybe could work as a cookie decoration. The mould is very easy to work with and it release the fondant without a fuss as long as you remember to dust it well with corn starch.

I quickly found out not to use too much fondant or the disc would be too thick and too sugary sweet to bite into. So I tried my best to make the disc as thin as I could without ruining the pretty roses. With these lolly’s they did get a little too thick I think.

I glued them on to the cookies with piping gel wich worked out great. Dusted the roses with pink and green lustre dusts and completed them with a piped border of royal icing dots. They look very sweet and Shabby Chic I think.

Happy Caking



  1. Louise says

    Ana G: If you decorate the cookies with royal icing you easily make them up to 1 month before. Just store them in layers with parchment paper in between in airthight boxes.

  2. Ana G says

    My baby’s first birthday will be in the end of the month.
    I’m planning to make a lot of sugar decorated cookies (to wrap as gifts)to friens and familly.
    Can I make the cookies 2 or 3 weeks in advance? What’s the best way to keep and preserve them?

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