Rosey fondant cookie lollys

Rose fondant cookie lollipops

Back when I saw some cute cupcake fondant molds I was thinking of how they maybe could work as a cookie decoration. The mould is very easy to work with and it release the fondant without a fuss as long as you remember to dust it well with corn starch.

I quickly found out not to use too much fondant or the disc would be too thick and too sugary sweet to bite into. So I tried my best to make the disc as thin as I could without ruining the pretty roses. With these lolly’s they did get a little too thick I think.

I glued them on to the cookies with piping gel wich worked out great. Dusted the roses with pink and green lustre dusts and completed them with a piped border of royal icing dots. They look very sweet and Shabby Chic I think.

Happy Caking



  1. Louise says

    Andrea: It is all pretty much the same only cmc/tylose is a cheaper version to the Gum T.

    To make a super modelling paste: 500gr fondant, 1 1/2 tsp. Tylo and 1 tsp egg white (pasturized) and a little white fat. Mix/knead it well and wrap well in plastic wrap and put it in a airthight container.

  2. Andrea Kopp says

    Hi Louise,
    I am preparing an order, but I am very confused here… I want to make modelling paste and I have to knead tylo on it, right ? What about gum tragacanth and cmc ? what are these for ???
    Is CMC and tylo the same thing ?
    Please help ! : )

  3. becky says

    Louise, we must have been on the same wavelength! I made some petit fours because I saw yours…and I put some fondant flowers on top of them that I made with the mold!!! I am not using luster dust properly, though. My flowers looked positively awful, and I wound up using only white flowers on turquoise colored petit fours. They wound up looking like little boxes from Tiffany. Thank you for posting your petit fours; I used Martha Stewart’s corn syrup recipe and it’s wonderful…however, how on earth do you coat all sides of the petit four???

  4. Ivana says

    Hi it’s my first time writing but for a long time i’ve been round and i must say i love everything you do..i’m not a cake designer but someday :o)wish you the best!!!!!!!

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