Scandinavian Cake Show part 2

I am back home again and thought that I would tell you how it went and also show you my cake:-) My friend Camilla and I arrived late Friday evening in Kungälv very close to Gothenburg in Sweden. I was happy that I could submit the cake Friday so I did not have to worrie anymore and I was curious to see if anything had happend with the decorations. But luckily it was all fine:-)

You could buy different kind of cake supplies like colors, dusts, books, cake tins, paper cases and some very sweet silicone moulds made by Karen Davies, who demonstrated the moulds. I bought two moulds and I cant wait to try them, they are so cute. Sunday was the last day and the announcing of the winners. There was two winners in each category (Novelty & Wedding Cakes). One where the audience voted and one where the four judges: Karen Davies, Carol Haycox, Allison Lilleyman and Agneta Olsson would choose the two winners.

So I am happy to tell that my cake won for the best Novelty Cake voted by the audience. The cake also recieved “Highly commended by the judges” as the only cake at the show. So that was double luck for me:-) I have taken many photos from the show I just need to arrange them all and add them to the cake gallery for you to see.

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise says

    Rebecca: Thank you:-)

    nenu: You can buy dummies mae out of styrofoam and use that instead of real cake. Try search for “cake dummies” or go to the cake stand tutorial. There are link to company’s who sell dummies.

    Erika: Mange tak:-) der kommer noget på et tidspunkt.

    Cake Bunny: Thank you and yes look out for the ebook,-)

    Faccina: Glad you liked it.

    Peggy: well I thought we would have name tags on but no. I have also found out that I have missed many of my nordic friends as well.

    Rita, marielba & Macdacruz: Thank you all three.

    Tracy: Thanks and great that it went well with the cookies.

    Rikke: Thank you so much. I first started making a cake (my own wedding cake) back in 02. Then started to take classes in 04 and then it has been going on ever since:-)

    A newbie bio? …. good idea! You are always welcome to send me an email. I will see what I can suggest to you.

    Soniris: Thanks again. I will try to show the cupcake soon.

    T.Myers: Thank you.

  2. Soniris says

    Hi Louise,

    Wow, congratulations! I love your cake! Your cakes are stunning. I would like to learn how to do the cupcake on the cake. It is lovely and such an excellent job. Once again congratulations! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Rikke says

    Hi Louise
    Once again I must say WOW, you are so so creative. I am really amazed on how different your cake is, from the other cake and how it really stands out – in every way.
    I think it’s the coolest and prettiest cake I have ever seen.
    I would like to know, how and when you started doing this and the obsticles you have been faced with, what products to buy and what not, like a mini bio, in someway and a guide to us newbies. I really think it would help others embark on their journey through cakeland.
    Keep on blogging, I always look so much forward to it.

  4. Tracy says

    Congratulations! That is really a lovely job. The simplicity of the design shows how perfect and crisp your execution is. Your fondant is flawless! Also, as other people have said, the color combination is really cute and sweet.

    p.s. I love, love, love, the butterfly cutters. It took me a little while to get the gumpaste dried out enough to make thin butterflies but they are adorable. I have not tried the funky alphabet cutters but I think that your drying out tip will help with these as well. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. marielba says

    WOW, congratulations, you did an excellent work as usual, your cake design is unique and your finish work is perfect,
    Hugs from Venezuela

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