Star Wars birthday cake

My son turned 8 this week and he’s a big fan of the Star Wars universe. Today we had a Star Wars themed birthday party with goodies like: Yoda soda, Vader water, Wookie cookies, Jedi Starfighter pizza, Jedi training school and of course a cake!

I baked a chocolate chip cake and decorated it with blue rolled fondant, Star Wars logo and light sabers.

Happy Caking!



  1. Tesei says

    It’s amazing how well you got the logo, how did you do it? Were you tracing form a real photo? Also, I looked at your Choco Chip Cake recipe which loooks lovely, for this rectangular cake did you use the same quantities in your recipe? Thank’s a lot for sharing!

    • Louise says

      I downloaded the font from here I then printed it out in the size that I wanted. It is important that the ST + RS is in one piece. The A & W + R is single. Also I do NOT cut out the centers of the A’s and R’s. I then cut out the letters and traced them to cardboard paper. The white fondant was kneaded with some tylo/gum tex and then rolled out on cornstarch dusted surface. I let the white fondant dry for 10-15 mins before I cut out the letters with a sharp knife. Transfer the letters to a tray (dusted).
      To get the blue letters a bit smaller I simply just cut the cardboard letters a bit smaller, Just eyeballing it and remember this time to cut out the centers on the A’s and R’s. Let the blue letters dry for 10 mins before gluing them on to the white letters. The the logo dry overnight.

      I used 1 + 1/2 quantities for the rectangle cake pan. I can see what size the pan is if you like?

      • Tesei says

        Louise, thank you so much for the details! My rectangular pan is roughly 10 x 13 inches (we go by cms and its 26×35). From your picture, I imagine yours is similar, would you say 1 1/2 times the recipe would do in my pan? Thank again!

      • Louise says

        My pan is 23x33cm So 1 1/2 recipe would be good. Remember to make a collar as the cake tends to rise.

  2. Yuri - Chef Pandita says

    Looks amazing! Your soon is a cool kid 😀 both me & my bf are HUGE starwars fans. Wait till I show him this cake <3

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