Sweet heart sugar cookies

Valentine's Day heart cookies

Yesterdays sweet treats, pretty embossed fondant sugar cookie hearts in sweet homemade (home crafted) cookie boxes.

Heart cookies

You can see more embossed cookies here and read more about my embossing tools here.

Happy Caking!



    • Louise says

      If you click on the words “sugar cookie hearts” in the first line of the post and it will take you straight to the recipe.

  1. Tala panton says

    Beautiful Louise! The boxes are adorable. What is the recipe for the cookies because they almost seem as if they weren’t even baked keeps the shape so well.

  2. says

    Top of the morning! So adorable Louise…how do you get the cookies so perfectly shaped considering the baking factor? I’m checking your recipes now; I’m sure you’ve covered that already. The boxes are jaw dropping!

    • Louise says

      I don’t know really. I have always used this recipe and I always get perfect shaped cookies. They never puff or lose their shape. They bake in between 15-30 mins depending on the shape (larger cookies may need a few more minutes) I must say that with the oven I use now I bake at 350 F instead of the 325 F. Another thing could also be that I never use a mixer to make the dough. You can, but I just mix it by hand.

  3. Terri says

    I love the cookies, but the boxes are also beautiful. You said they are homemade, can you share the directions?

    • Louise says

      Homemade = home crafted 🙂 I bought some brown boxes from the hobby store and painted them with mat acrylic water paint. Decorated with some pretty ribbons and scraps.

    • Louise says

      I have painted some brown boring boxes with some mat acrylic water paint and added some pretty decoration. This way the receiver will not only get something delicious to eat. They also get a pretty box that they can use 🙂

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