Sweet pink cupcake costume

cupcake costume
We have been celebrating shrovetide this weekend. The kids put on costumes for the celebration and they hit on a decorated wooden barrel filled with candy, just like a Piñata. We also eat buns filled with chocolate or cream. This year my daugther Alberte wanted to be a sweet pink cupcake, so I had to do some research on Google for cupcake costume ideas. It took me quite some time thinking and re-thinking on how to best “bake” this costume.

I used an old pink sheet for the “frosting” and stuffed it well with Poly fill. Alberte helped me, making the sprinkles out of Silk Clay. The sprinkles dried up light as a feather and was just glued on with craft glue. The hardests part of the whole costume was the fluted cupcake base, but after some help from my husband we managed to find a solution that we were all happy with. To finish off her costume, I made her a little head piece out of two “layers” of pink frosting, a crepe paper ruffle and a blue candle on top.

She is the sweetest cupcake that I have ever made and she even won a prize for best costume. So I am very proud of my work with this cupcake costume.

Happy Caking!



  1. Camilla says

    That is just awsome 🙂 I wish my mom was as creative. I was a giant ‘lakridskonfekt’ for fastelavn once. But next year i am going out dressed as a cupcake, hope it will land me some candy 🙂
    Love it.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ohh… it’s a bit complicated for me to write, but in rough I sew some wide panels. Then I ironed the brown base (back & forth) so that they got the fluted shape and then I sew again and increased a little at the bottom of the base. Hope it makes sense?

  3. says

    Incredible! I had never seen anything like this before, and I’ve just loved the idea! Congratulations, not only for the fantastic suit, but also for your lovely daughter! In Portugal we are also celebrating what we call “Carnaval”, and my son (who has 3 years) became “fireman Sam”…
    Keep going with your funtastic blog, full of great ideas, and thanks for sharing!

  4. christina says

    so fun! i justr love to see all of your ideas. what a beautiful daughter! now my little girl wants to be a cupcake!

  5. sandra says

    A happy daughter ,you did a wonderful job which deserved to win a prize. Alberte will have these wonderful things you make and do to encourage her to do the same as she grows up.They are wonderful memories for her.You deserve a prize for a being a great mum.

    • Anonymous says

      Sandra, you are so right. My mom always made my costumes and she have saved some of them. Such things are just the best memories and I am only grateful that I can pass them on to Alberte.

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