Testing the white chocolate fondant

I have now been testing the white chocolate fondant. I decided to test it on a dummy cake first. That way it was easier to peel off the fondant if there were any problems. I did not experience any problems while covering the dummy cake.

The white chocolate fondant was really wonderful to work with. It rolls out easy and I did not have any troubles with cracks or the fondant tearing. I find dummy cakes the worst thing to cover, but this white chocolate fondant passed its test. Next, is to try it with a real cake…

Happy Caking!



    • Anonymous says

      No, sorry, the recipe can be found on the DVD with Jennifer Dontz. Which I highly recommend, as it gives you some great tips and tricks on improving your fondant skills.

  1. says

    Johanna: Tack so mycket 🙂 Dummy’en er lavet af frigolit 🙂 Jeg køber dem i de fleste online shops fra england.

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