The cupcake flower

Just finished one more of the “old” tutorial updates. This time it was for the cupcake flower, that many have asked about the past years. It is my all time favourite 🙂 and I really like it together with the swirly blue cupcakes.

I have two more tutorial updates on my list that I am working on and you are proberly wondering by now, what’s up with all this tutorial updating? Well I cant tell you yet, but hopefully very very soon. All I can say, is that it will be super sweet and I am sure that you all are going to love it 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Hi Louise, what beautiful cupcakes =) I was wondering where you found this cake stand, I’ve seen it on the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook cover and love it!

  2. Fiona says

    Hi. Your blog is amazing! Your cupcakes are very innovative. Can I ask how you get the background so nice in your pictures? Are you using some sort of photographic paper? They look so crisp and clean. I have a dslr and enjoy taking pics of my cupcakes just for my own scrap book but i always have some sort of kitchen background in them and its not attractive x

  3. says

    Sandy: You could use cupcake paper wraps made into small teacups? I have seen that somewhere. You simply place the baked and decorated cc in the paper wraps.

  4. says

    I just found you … WOW.

    Is there a way to make cupcakes to look like teacups? Our DD#2 is expecting this summer and we’re having a teacup/teapot theme baby shower. thanks.

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