The great cupcake project

Great cupcake

I decided today I would finally try out my new cupcake pan. So with all the ingredients ready I started and thought that it would be fun for you to see how it works 🙂 I used the recipe that comes with the pan, a vanilla butter cake.

I baked it on 325 F (165 C) for about 1 hour and 30 mins. At that moment the “swirl” part was done but the bottom needed 15 minutes more. So I placed a piece of tinfoil over the cakes for the last 15 minutes. The cakes went out of the tin very easy. I carved off a little bit of the “swirl” to get it more levelled and assembled the cakes with IMBC.

Great cupcake

All left was to add the IMBC to the top. Not an easy job to do as I had to do it over two times. First a light crumb coating and then I placed it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes so that it would harden before I added the last layer. Now if you wanted it to be smooth like its showed on the pan? a smoothing touch with your hands (wearing gloves of course) would do the trick.

Great cupcake

Then there was not much else to do than to add some sprinkles. I made these a couple of days agoe out of rolled fondant. Here it is all finished and ready to eat 🙂

Great cupcake

Happy Caking



  1. Maggie says

    I bought the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan. The receipe that comes with it makes more batter than needed, so I don’t fill it up as full and use the left over batter to make some small cupcakes. The hour baking time in my oven is perfect with no problem. Cake releases out of the pan with ease. I add a filling where the top swirl meets the bottom cake and use a very large star tip to decorate the swirl top, which is very easy to use, no mess and works perfect to keep the “swirl look”. I wrap the lower, unfrosted part of cake, with clear or color food safe plastic wrap as this give it the look of a cupcake liner and keeps the unfrosted cake from drying out. I also like to wrap a pretty decorated ribbon around the plastic wrap to fit a special occasion, and then frost the swirl cake with colored icing to match a color from the decorated ribbon.

  2. linda says

    Yes, the recipe also supplied on my cupcake packaging was the chocolate pund cake – it is a very heavy cake! I have also tried to make a madeira style sponge but I cant get the measurements right. The vanilla buttercake recipe sounds fab for what I am doing. I cant find it anywhere and I have contacted wilton for it with no luck.

  3. Louise says

    Susan the shop owner: I once made one with Rice Krispie treats. The top can be used as a beehive, bottom for a flowerpot. Many different ways to use it.

  4. says

    I purchased one to use for my daughter’s first birthday, but then returned it because of bad reviews it had received. Now, after reading your little post on it, I’m thinking about giving it a chance after all. How could any cupcake be a bad cupcake???

  5. evie says

    My Mother-in-law gave me the silicone Giant Cupcake Pan. It did not have any instructions, so I had to try some practice cakes.

    I cut pans apart because the top cooked faster than the bottom.

    One box cake was not big enough for our tastes, so I made a bananna cake and increased it my one half. Next time I will try doubleing it.

    I cook at 325 for over an hour.

    It has been fun practicing!

  6. Louise says

    rani: what did you grease the pan with?? maybe next time you want to try the pan bake at a lower temp. for a little longer? I always do that with 3D pans.

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