The Littlest Pet Shop snail birthday cake

Littlest Pet Shop Snail birthday cake 9

So here it is, the birthday cake made for my nieces 10th birthday party today. I made the cake design very simple with a green stem going around the cake with one large leaf on top for the LPS snail to sit on. The cake was a plain chocolate cake as requested by my niece.

To finish the cake I placed some pink gerbera/daisy flowers, mostly to hide some minor cracks, but they did suit the soft yellow cake very well in the end.
Remember that you can see step by step of how I made the LPS snail (without written details though) in the gallery.

Happy Caking!


Louise is the founder and editor of CakeJournal. She's a passionate, self taught, cake artist who has been doing cake decorating since 2002.
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  1. says

    hi Louise, my name is Viviana and I love the cake design!!
    I wanted to signal you a disagreeable thing, an Italian cakedesigner (lallaby cakes) has inserted a photo of one creation of yours for a course of cakedesign, and she has affixing us her logo, I send you the link where you find the image, I have the file on my pc if you want it, it is small because to the moment the image has been removed by the site, but meanwhile publicity is made for having participants to the course there. I tell you it because I don’t appreciate who appropriates of other people’s job, for me it was enough that it said to make one cake of yours and not to put us her logo as it was one creation of her…first of all the loyalty.

    • Louise says

      Hi there, Thank you for the notice. I cannot see the photo at the moment? Unfortunately this happens all the time :-(

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