The Littlest Pet Shop snail birthday cake

Littlest Pet Shop Snail birthday cake 9

So here it is, the birthday cake made for my nieces 10th birthday party today. I made the cake design very simple with a green stem going around the cake with one large leaf on top for the LPS snail to sit on. The cake was a plain chocolate cake as requested by my niece.

To finish the cake I placed some pink gerbera/daisy flowers, mostly to hide some minor cracks, but they did suit the soft yellow cake very well in the end.
Remember that you can see step by step of how I made the LPS snail (without written details though) in the gallery.

Happy Caking!



  1. SANDRINE says

    hello, i’m sandrine from paris, i need to do a snail pet shop for my daughter for sunday, would you be kind enough to put on line the tutorial about it
    a thousand thanks

    • Louise says

      I’m sorry. I can see that this reply came out to late. I did have some photos for the LPS snail in the old gallery. The new gallery is still not up and running properly. Also I did not have a complete tutorial only a few photos during the making of the snail. I’m sorry that I cannot help you with your project.

  2. Carmen Vegas says

    Once I found your site and i was so impressed with your work. I lost it but today I am glad I found it again. Thank you for teaching us all your ideas. Your cakes are beautiful. Congratulations.

  3. says

    Vicki: I use about 2 tsp to half pound of RF. Normally I just take a piece of RF and then just add the tylo, no excact measures. This way I may use more but then the RF will be very “strong” and dry hard. I never eat the decoration.

  4. vicki says

    Thank you Louise! I just made a snail and a snake LPS 2 days ago for my little girl party on next Saturday and I used fondant not SP. The problem was, the snake head was cracked (not when I made it). I stored them in a air tight container but the fondant melted and the figured were distorted. Any suggestion? I thought I can make the figures ahead of time since I have to work so I do it when I can. What should I do? How far in advance can I make the figure and how should I store them? Please help! Thank you.

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