The missing cupcakes


As you all remember I forgot to take photos of the cupcakes that I had made for my brother and SIL wedding reception. I felt so bad about it, so when the kids and I was in the mood for cupcakes yesterday I decorated three of them. ¨

I did the decoration like I had done it for the reception, with some left over gum paste flowers. So here they are…… well these are all chocolate ones as I did three different flavours: White vanilla mud chocolate, dark chocolate mud and banana. They were all decorated like here with a spread of royal icing and decorated with gum paste flowers and sprinkles.

My fist idea was to make some with fondant tops, but the heat that day made me change my mind to make a more safe and non-sticky decoration, as royal icing stays the same when dry even though the banan cupakes are so good with chocolate frosting I went with chocolate royal icing wich is also nice on banana cupcakes.

I made in total around 60 and only three came back 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. becky says

    Three came back???!!! Unbelievable. I would have eaten 6, myself. They look delicious. Glad to know royal icing works in heat. Here in Texas, it is 105 F (40 C), so I need icing that stands up to heat 🙂

  2. lyzzie says

    Hi LOUISE,you work is the most simple and beatiful.Thanks for the sending you are the best,CONGRATULATIONS

  3. Kelly says

    Hi Louise,
    These cupcakes are fab!! So elegant and effective.
    Please could you share you receipes for the cupcakes as I would love to make them.
    Sorry – hundred and one questions! The chocolate royal icing?? Would you just add cocoa powder to the normal royal icing and how much.
    Thank you so much, Kelly

  4. Marsha says

    Hi Louise,
    You make even the most simple thing look stunning!
    Those cupcakes are beautiful. I never thought I would like green frosting, but that green is lovely!
    As always, you are an inspiration.
    Southern California

  5. Kayla says

    I have never used royal icing on cupcakes, didnt think that would work. Your cupcakes are lovely…thanks for sharing.

  6. CakeBreak says

    I was wondering if you have used ganache, SMBC or shortening buttercream for the cake and cupcakes in the hot weather. I’m in Florida, US and we do have hot summer. I didn’t think of using RI. Thanks. Midori

  7. says

    These are truly beautiful to look at and I am sure equally delish to eat. So glad you have found the “lost archives” and were able to share these creations with us! Bravissimo!!

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