The wedding cake

I was busy last week with the preperation of this beautiful wedding cake. I made this wedding cake as a favour for a sweet friend of mine. The original design is from danish: KageKompagniet. I started making the gum paste flowers and leaves. I made lots of 5-petals, petunias and small blossoms i various sizes. The colors was from white to three different shades of peach.

I used my favourite silicon veiner for the sugar flowers. I dusted the flowers with peach and cream lustre dust and I gave the leaves some green petal dust dissovled in clear alcohol so they got a bit shiny.

Then it was time to bake the three chocolate cakes. I must say that my new oven is now officially tested 🙂 We had a wonderful smell of chocolate in the house the rest of the day.

The next day when the cakes was cold and ready to level the fun started. Since I got my wonderful Agbay Cake Leveler it has been a joy to level my cakes. Before I knew it all three cakes was torted and ready to be filled.

I filled the cakes with raspberry and chocolate mouse and crumb coated them with vanilla buttercream. The cakes was covered with white rolled fondant and piped snail trails in royal icing. I stacked two of the cakes and used Wiltons plastic dowels for extra support. The small tier was placed on white cake pillars aslo from Wilton.

Then the only thing left was to attache the sugar flowers and leaves with royal icing. I must say that I was very satisfied with the cake and so was the happy couple 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. Tammy Wallace says

    this is a lovely cake and i have been looking at it about ahour now haha. I have a 3 tier cake to do in about 4 months. it will be my first tiered cake and its for a friends wedding. NOW ! I have clueless hhaha . she doesnt want anything showing like cake support plate etc on either of the tiers as she is putting flowers in between each BUT how do i use these pillars without them sinking into the cake when i put the next tier on? They come with plastic dowels which i get need to go through the bottom base cake thru the pillar and then the next tier sits on those pillars BUT what keeps the second tier from pushing the pillars into the very bottom one? or am i over thinking this and have nothing to worry about?
    many many thanks for letting me rant and thankyou for any direction you can give


    • Louise says

      Let me see if I can explain it to you 😉 I’ve stacked the two bottom cakes with plastic dowels. The second tier is also placed on a strong thin cake board. This will help holdig up the last/3 tier and prevent it from sinking into the bottom tier.
      It can sound confusing but try and see if you can get a book about wedding cakes as they will always cover diffrent ways of assembling wedding cakes or try and search on you tube. Good luck!

  2. Louise says

    Julie Rodger: Im sorry but I dont know that cake. So I cant help you im afraid. Maybe try ?

  3. Julie Rodger says

    I think your cake looks absolutely amazing. I am planning to make my daughter’s wedding cake but she wants Mars Bar cake covered in Galaxy chocolate. Chocaholic’s dream!! Can you tell me how long before the wedding I should make this. I am unsure how perishable it will be.


  4. Louise says

    ana: The only difference is that mmf os made out of meltet mm where you add icing sugar. Rolled fondant also contains gelantine but I still find the texture and taste different between them. You can with not problem use mmf for a wedding cake.

  5. ana says

    hello louise!! Great work on this cake.. It looks amaizing,
    what is the difference between rolled fondant and MMF? Is there a diference in the way they look and hold on a cake? Or is it just a flavor thing? When doing a weeding cake, would you recomend using mmf?
    Thank you!!

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