Valentine letter cookies


With Valentine’s Day soon approching, the web is loaded with all sorts of sweet ideas for making that something special for your loved ones. I came up with this idea: Valentine letter cookies. That way the receiver can spell your messages by themself, a bit like scrabble 🙂 The cookies are 1 7/8″ and I have used the smallest heart from the Nesting Heart Cookie Cutters from wilton.


The cookies are decorated with pink fondant cut-out hearts. For the letter embossing, I used the Jem’s alphabet cutter set. I really like the style of the letters and they are so useable because every letter is like a little stamp so you can emboss almost everything with this set. For the last touch I brushed lustre dust on the hearts to give them a little shimmer, it just dont shows well on the photos.


Before packing the cookies remember to let the fondant “dry” to avoid any marks on the hearts.

Happy Caking



  1. Donna says

    Very Lovely! Can you tell me where you purchased your letters which you used for the fondant-I really like the font. Thank you!

  2. Annette says

    Hi Louise, your work is amazing and I continue to read and watch in awe 🙂 Keep up the great work and thank you for the tutorials, they are all amazing and take the anxiety out of trying something new!!!

    Mange Tak fra Canada 😉

  3. Louise says

    Hmm.. looks like one of my comments have gone missing? but to reply to all of you who have asked to the Jem cutters I can tell that they are called: Jem alphabet set and there is only this one with letters/numbers. You can buy it Global sugar art, and from many uk sites.

    Selah: for you question on lustre, sparkle and petal dust:

    For me I cant see the big difference in lustre & sparkle both makes it look nice, shimmering and glittery. Petal dust dont have a shine and when used it looks more realistic like on leaves, flowers ect.
    You can mix all with alcohol or use them dry- either way you will see a diference when using.

  4. Louise says

    Thank you all so much. I hope that you all have had a nice Valentine.

    I will post my cookie recipe soon Kate 🙂

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