Valentine’s cake with roses

With long anticipation, here is my very special Valentine’s cake with roses. Special, because today is Valentine’s Day but also because my lovely husband and I have been together for 10 years. So I can not find a better way than to celebrate it with a gorgeous, delicious and romantic cake filled with love. I got inspired by the colors I used for the paper cone and with the small gumpaste roses that I showed you earlier it makes a perfect match.

Inside the cake is a nice chocolate cake and strawberry mousse. As I had forgot to buy more eggwhites for the Italian Meringue Buttercream that I just love to use for the crumb coat, I had to use a regular buttercream. Not the best choice, since it is so difficult for me to do a nice crumb coat with the regular buttercream. The IMBC is soo much better, but after a little struggle it did end up with a nice buttercream coat to seal the strawberry mousse well indside the cake.

As promised a photo of how the cake looked on the inside.

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Caking!



  1. says


    it’s a gorgeous cake..

    Can you give some infos pls?

    where do u need to keep the cake which filled with mousse filling and has been decorated by fondant or buttercream? like yours one…

    thanks and blessing..

  2. says

    Wendy: When ever I make a cake like this one, I assemble it 1 day before it will be eaten. It stays in the fridge just until 1 hour before serving. There is a risk that the cake will start sweating. But Im kinda used to make cakes this way, so a little sweating dont scare me.

    Depending on how large your cake is. You can minimize the sweating by storing the cake in a card board box and then in the fridge.

    Kassandra: I have used a gel paste color from Squires Kitchen called: Wisteria. I just love this color.

    Nadia: Pound cakes are too heavy for mousse in my opinion. Alot makes a dam out of stiff BC, I dont use a dam. You can see in this post how I assemble my cakes with mousse:

    If you are using ganache a good tip is to start with a more liquid ganache and just make a thin (not covering) layer. Then place it in the refrigerator to set and the next layer of ganache is more “thick”.

  3. says

    Hi Louise,
    I love this cake, its perfect. I love the neat slices cut out of it. Can you give some tips on how to fill soft fillings like mousse in a cake? Last time i made a pound cake with mousse filling,and the filling was squishing out duw to weight of the cake? Whats the cause, heavy cake? should i put a dam?in that case its too many flavors, mousse, ganache and bc dam?
    I then covered it with ganache but it kept squishing out and getting mixed with ganache?any tips?

  4. Wendy says

    I have a question about Fondant cakes. I will love to make a cake like this one, how long will a cake with the Italian butter cream and mousse stay out of the fridge? can i make the cake a day before the party and keep it out of the fridge all night? if i make my own fondant will it sweet a lot inside the fridge? and what will happen if the cake sweets in the fridge and how can i fix it?
    thanks!! i love your cake is the best i have seen, i have been searching the web a lot!! please help me!!!

  5. says

    Sandy: Ohh im not the bc rose expert 😉 I think that you can find lots of great video’s on that subject on youtube.

    Pamela: You cant use cream under the fondant. It needs to have a bc coat first before the fondant. Its right that this fondant that I use sweat very little from being in the fridge. I dont have the recipe for it sorry!

    Kristen: Its BC

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    this is so lovely and perfectly romantic to celebrate 10years with your hubby.

    I am a big fan of your work and it also inspired me to make my cakes. I will be looking forward for more of your wonderful creations and tutorials.

    More power

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