Valentine’s heart cookies

Valentine heart cookies iced with rolled fondant

No Valentine’s Day without something sweet. Therefor I have made some Valentine’s heart cookies and iced them with rolled fondant.

To get the really deep red that I have used on some of the cookies. I have used a mix of Crystal color’s Poinsetta and Americolor’s Super Red. The mix of powder and gel together works really great and is really worth a try if you have not tried it before.

The pink color is my favourite choice from Sugar Flair.

Valentine heart cookies iced with rolled fondant

I have used my alphabet cutter/embosser set from JEM, along with the pretty quilting embosser and a small rose (Wild rose set) from Patchwork Cutters and some royal icing.

Valentine heart embossed cookies

I wish you all a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Happy Caking!


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  1. Tonda says

    First let me say….love you site here!! I’m so inspired when I come here. :)
    I would like to know if you have the recipe for these sugar cookies? I didn’t know if you share the recipes or not? Would love to have a sturdy sugar cookie recipe so I can practice. :)
    Thank you so much.

  2. Thyjuan says

    These are beautiful! I was wondering, how hard does the fondant get on the cookie as well as how the taste of the fondant is? With icing being wet, the cookie can remain a bit soft and hold in some moisture with the icing. Does fondant get to a crumble-breaking point on a cookie? Also, do you flavor your fondant? I just love the fact that I can easily flavor my icing to fit whatever cookie recipe I use…

    • Anonymous says

      I think that if you use fondant on cookies I like to eat them within a week, after that will the fondant get more hard to bite into. The cookie are still ok to eat. After 3 weeks I don’t like to eat them anymore. It is different with RI cookies here I don’t have a problem eating them after 3 weeks (max 4), as long as they are stored correctly.

      I never use flavor for my fondant.

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