White chocolate fondant

I have for some time now heard about a very tasty white chocolate fondant that Jennifer Dontz makes on one of her dvds. The white chocolate fondant should be really good to work with and who would not like that? There is nothing worse than a rolled fondant that tear and crack when you cover a cake.

I had to order the Merckens chocolate as we can not get that here. Luckily does my supermarket have an “american food” aisle. So there was no problems in getting the corn syrup. I did already have a few pounds of Pettinice fondant in stock.

Not only was the white chocolate fondant easy to make, it taste delicious too. Now I only need a cake, so that I can try how it is to work with. That will be my next mission….

Happy Caking!



  1. Cindy gleason says

    I paid around thirty dollars for the Jennifer Dontz DVD and its the absolute best thing I have ever spent money on that has helped me improve my skills and confidence when it come to working with fondant……. Im just a beginner…. I have no ties to jennifer except that she is always willing to answer questions about anything you see on her DVDs.

  2. Avis says

    Hi Louise ,

    I really love your web. I need to make a birthday cake to my best friend. Can I cover a sponge cake (+ fresh fruit) covered with the white chocolate fondant and put it in fridge?

  3. Linda (aka: GrammeCakes) says

    Louise, I have purchased 2 of Jennifer Dontz DVD’s and have made her chocolate fondant (just this weekend)had rave reviews on my cake (for my Granddaughters BD) and everyone said best cake I have made….(thanks Jen 🙂 ) To All that do not know of Jennifer Dontz……google her. SHE AND HER TALENTS ARE AMAZING !!!!!

  4. says

    Hi Janeen!
    I am THRILLED you like the semi-homemade chocolate fondant. And, glad you liked the DVD, too! If I can answer any questions for you, feel free to ask away.

  5. Janeen says

    Just want to let everyone know that I purchased the DVD with the white chocolate fondant recipe from Jennifer Dontz. I found the DVD extremely useful. The chocolate fondant was very easy to work with and the taste was great. (I used it to make my daughter’s 6th birthday cake.) The DVD had some very helpful hints regarding placing the fondant on the cake and getting it to look perfect, plus a few other great tips. I did post a pick of the cake on my blog… http://www.paige-reese.blogspot.com. i would like to say “thank you” to Louise for posting the info on cakejournal as it worked out perfectly. Good to know that cakejournal has accurate/reliable info. Thanks, Janeen

  6. michelle says

    oh my gosh i LOVE white chocolate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s my favorite !!!!!can you please send me the recipe !!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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